Raw Cacao

Are you a ”Chocoholic”? Kick off the day with chocolate? Yes, then you just have to try out this bowl! Chocolate also contains lots of antioxidants and is great for the metabolism, so it’s definitely a win-win for both your mind and body.

Kakaonibs, cacao, banana, coconut & raspberry

Ingredients (1 port)  /aussie.jpg /img_2994.jpg


1 dl frozen raspberries

1 banana (frozen) 

½ avocado

1 msk cacao / raw cacao

2 msk cacao nibs

1/2 dl coconut milk

optional: Some honey or agave syrup to add more sweetness


coconut shreds



Mix all ingredients in a Mixer or with a Hand blender. Top with berries, fruit and coconut.

Ingredienser (1 port) /swedish.jpg

Smoothie Bowl:

1 dl frysta hallon

1 banan (fryst) 

1/2 avokado

1 msk kakao

2 msk kakao nibs

1/2 dl kokosmjölk

ev: honung eller agave sirap för mer sötma




riven kokos

Mixa samtliga ingredienser i en mixer och toppa sedan med bär, frukt och frön. Pudra över lite kakao för sista touchen.